Know the Rules of the Road – Register for Our Bike Safety Class

Now that the rain has passed and spring has officially sprung, the roads and mountain bike trails on the Front Range trails are beckoning us to ride them.  Anticipating the fresh air and the sun on our faces, it’s easy to get caught up in the experience and forget critical riding safety tips that were all so familiar at the end of last season.

Now is the time to check your bike for spring riding! Do you have a flat that needs changing? Are your brakes working properly? Is your chain lubed?  Do you need new bike parts?  But wait!  It’s not all about the bike, right? Spring is also the time to reacquaint yourself with bike safety, the rules of the road, and proper cycling etiquette.  In fact, the most important thing a cyclist can do to ensure bicycle safety is to follow the rules of the road.

To help you start the season off right,  Peak Cycles/ in Collaboration with the Foothills Running and Cycling Club is hosting a League of American Bicyclists Bike Safety Class. The feature presenter will be Golden’s very own Megan Hottman aka “The Cyclist Lawyer“. This is a great opportunity to get caught up on bike safety and the current rules of the road in Colorado.  Learn what the laws are for cyclists; how you legally and appropriately ride on public roads; what the rules are for turning, stopping, passing; your rights and obligations; become educated on bike safety, commuting and much, much more!  And…it gets even better! On the night of the event, Peak Cycles will be offering a 15% discount for all items, including bikes.  Keep in mind, discount excludes already discounted bikes and items. 

  • When: Thursday, June 16th from 6PM – 9PM
  • Where: Peak Cycles, 1224 Washington Ave #145, Golden, CO 80401
  • Who’s it for: All cyclist!  We will provide you with materials and guidance, as well as the laws and etiquette you need to take to the roads and trails. You will leave feeling more informed, more secure in your rights and obligations as a cyclist, and more confident and comfortable as you embark on your cycling journey.   

Join the fun! There will be food, drinks, cycling education, and even bike parts to drool over!  Become a street smart, savvy, safe, educated, conscientious cyclist.   Register today!  

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