Learn to Strengthen the Most Essential Muscles for Cycling — Join Peak Cycles’ Foundation Training Class

Foundation Training at BikeParts.com/Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop

Foundation Training at BikeParts.com/Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop

What is perhaps the most essential region of your body that contributes most to overall cycling performance? Is it your legs? Your abs? No, it’s your back!

George Mullen from Peak Cycles spends lots of time helping people optimize their biking performance by analyzing their athletic history, studying their form and cycling habits, offering bike parts suggestions, and adjusting their road bike or mountain bike to fit their riding style. But when people come to George with injuries, pain, performance issues, he often finds that the problem isn’t just a poor bike fit, but weak back muscles. 

Your back has a vital group of muscles (known as the posterior chain) that are designed to be the strongest chain of muscles in your body. These muscles control key body parts used in cycling and most other sports such as your hips, thigh muscles, knees, and calf muscles. And if these crucial back muscles are not used and strengthened on a daily basis, the results are often pain, instability, inflexibility, and poor performance. 

So how do you strengthen these muscles? We at Peak Cycles advocate for Foundation Training! Foundation Training is a program designed by Dr. Eric Goodman, an expert in chiropractics and strength conditioning, and is a set of daily exercises to help you strengthen the core muscles in your posterior chain (see a great TedX Talk on this topic here). 

Matt Rabin, Team Chiropractor and Physical therapist for the Garmin-Sharp cycling team, is also an advocate for Foundation Training and says that turning on these back muscles using Goodman’s exercises both reduces pain and increases power output and performance for his riders. Essentially, Foundation Training helps you change your basic human movement patterns so that you are stabilizing your key back muscles on a regular basis. 

So if you want to eliminate back and lower body pain, improve stability and flexibility, or develop sturdy body habits that improve your form and condition your overall strength, you should attend our first Foundation Training class! Join certified Foundation Training instructor Gili Wolf on January 28th from 6:15-7:15 PM at the Peak Cycles store in Golden, CO to learn about Foundation Training exercises that you can do for just 12 minutes a day. Call 303-216-1616 to sign up today! 

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