Holiday Blessings: Remembering the Season with Gratitude

Happy Holidays from

Happy Holidays from

Cycling seasons come and go. There is the big training ramp up in the spring for summer riding and racing followed by fun and challenging cyclocross racing and fall riding.

And, there’s the lull in training and intensity during the winter months accompanied by trainer rides and possibly, a few, fun fat bike rides in the snow.  Yet, through all the seasons runs a thread of passion and love for the sport that unites all the seasons in a unified, blissful experience.  An experience of health, fitness, adventure, camaraderie, and personal victories.  Riding a bike offers freedom and adventure unparalleled by other experiences.  Whether it’s seeing wildlife up close from your mountain bike on a remote bike trail; or, claiming a new personal best while riding your road bike on a long ride or race – the cycling journey never gets old.

Here at Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop, we feel that the true Christmas spirit of cycling is the love of the bike.  It’s the adventure cycling brings – the challenge of a new ride, the experimentation with new or different bike parts, the joy of connecting with friends in meaningful ways, and the building of camaraderie with teammates.  It’s about inspiration.  Riding and training towards goals that call us to be our best selves and enlist the support of family and friends that unites in powerful connections.  At its essence, the true spirit of cycling is really about passion, joy, exhilaration, excitement, camaraderie, enthusiasm, and gratitude.  These are all the very blessings we wish for you and your family this Christmas day.  Merry Christmas from Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop and!

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