Cheers, Cowbells, Applause! Who Do YOU Thank for Bikes this Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving from

Happy Thanksgiving from

Thanksgiving Day – a day to express an attitude of gratitude and appreciation to our friends, families, neighbors and all of our dear ones.

The holiday rituals focus us on the highest aspects of ourselves. Coming from a sprit of generosity and appreciation, the day seems to glimmer with a magical, holiday energy.  

While most Thanksgiving Day celebrations are among relatives and close friends, there are others that could benefit from some gratitude, cheer and applause.  Who’s that?  It’s your cycling community!

Thank those who have supported you throughout your year of cycling.

  • Give thanks to family members, coworkers, coaches, fellow riders, and nutritionist for the year long support, feedback and encouragement you receive.
  • Give thanks to your favorite bike shop (hint – us! Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop)  and the mechanics for keeping your bike in working order.
  • Give thanks to the person who does your bike fit and helping you ride more efficiently, comfortably, and hopefully faster.
  • Give thanks to the bike and pedestrian committee members and wide range of other bike community leaders in your area for supporting cycling.
  • Give thanks to bike manufactures for producing bikes, bike parts,cycling accessories, and bicycle cycling components.
  • Give thanks to your race team and team supporters.
  • Give thanks to race directors and volunteers of events.
  • Give thanks to your favorite photographer that captured that awesome picture of you riding.
  • Give thanks to yourself!  That’s right! Acknowledge yourself for your commitment, discipline, and accomplishments.
  • Give thanks to your bike.  Your bike has traveled your journey with you observing your greatest triumphs and your deepest suffer fest. Give gratitude to your two wheeled friend.

Last but not least, all of us at Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop would like to thank you!  To express our appreciation, you are invited to our huge holiday bike sale! This Friday and Saturday.  Here’s why you’ll love it – All 2016 bikes will be 15% off.  All clothing and bike parts will be 20% off.  This sale does not apply to closeout items.

From all of us at Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop, we’re sending cheer, cowbells, and applause along with a ton of gratitude to our staff, customers, racers, race teams, and all the passionate cyclist sharing the joy our two wheeled friends bring us.  Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

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