How Smart Cyclists Spend Their Tax Refund Money Wisely

Tax Refund Money for Bike PartsYou’ve worked hard the past year and expect a healthy tax refund from the government. With anticipation, you’re thinking of how to spend that money wisely.  Maybe you’re thinking you should save that money, put it in the bank, or invest in those long over due house projects.  Yet, the other side of you is taunting you with images of bike parts and bike purchases.  You might even feel these ideas are a guilty pleasure.  However, spending your tax refund money on a new mountain bike or a road bike, or even cycling accessories, does more for your health and longevity than you know.

Investing in your cycling regime is an investment in you.  Physical activity  can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Physical activity and exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits. Most importantly, regular activity can improve your quality of life.  With that being said, investing in your bike and cycling program is a great way to spend your tax refund wisely. Enjoy our top 5 ways to do just that!

1. Get a Fat Bike!
Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop is passionate about fat bikes in the winter months but they can actually be ridden year round! They are fun and versatile bikes that can be used in almost any terrain.  We have found the Specialized Fatboy to be a highly rated, mid-range fat bike that is usable for a wide range of ages and skill-levels.  The fun isn’t exclusive to adults either!  Specialized has also created a 20” and 24” Fatboy for kids at half the price of a full sized Fat Boy.  If you’re not sure a fat bike is for you, demo one!  Book a fat bike demo today and up the giggle factor to your normal riding program. Who can’t smile while riding a fat bike?

2. Get New Bike Parts!
So many bike parts – the question is what to purchase?  Consider getting a high quality wheel set.  A good wheel set impacts ride quality, ease of pedaling, reliability, and functionality.  Maybe purchase some new, lighter tires for your wheels. Another option is to reconsider the current crank set and pedals setup.  Who can’t justify spending tax refunds on losing lighter handlebars, a lighter saddle, and seat post?

3. Get a Power Meter!
The main idea behind using cycling training tools is to dial in your training to optimize your performance as it relates to your goals and objectives. Our post, The Best Training Aids to Launch into Spring Cycling, dives into the benefits of training with power. As for our favorite power meter options, our most popular are Stages Power Meters beginning at $1000. Stages Power meter is the lightest, smallest, most technologically advanced unit available today.  Another option is the Pioneer Power Meter offered at $2000 and is a bit more sophisticated.  A third favorite is a company that’s been around for a while now – PowerTap Power Meter.

4. Get Cycling Accessories!
Maybe your refund check wasn’t as large as you wanted it to be?  This doesn’t exempt you from spending money on quality bike parts – it just means you might spend less.  Items for purchase in this category include a variety of cycling apparel: jerseys, shorts, tights, jacket, cycling shoes.

5. Get a Bike Fit!
A bike fit isn’t just for professional riders – they are for anyone who rides whether they are a beginner or advanced rider. A bike fit helps ensure riding comfort but it also impacts technique which is crucial to preventing overuse injuries and how an athlete rides. We can help you use your refund dollars wisely.  Not only can we help you with the fit, but we carry all the bike parts required to get your bike in the very best setup for your riding needs. Give us a call (303) 216-1616 or stop by the shop in Golden to schedule your bike fit.

Considering how regular physical activity can produce long term health benefits, investing your tax refund dollars in your cycling program couldn’t be a wiser choice!

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