What Does a Bike Fit LOOK Like?

Bike fits – we’ve heard about them, talked about them, but somehow, most of us don’t get one.  And why not?  They say the quickest way to get faster on the bike is with a bike fit.  Sure, fit impacts comfort but it also impacts technique which is crucial to preventing overuse injuries and how you ride. Meaning it directly affects how much power you can efficiently deliver to the pedals.

So why don’t more cyclist get a bike fit?  For some, they wonder why it cost so much? Or, what is included in the service?  How long does it take?  And, many wonder when is the best time to get a fit?  More often than not, the biggest reason cyclist opt out of getting a bike fit is because they falsely believe bike fits are for professional riders/ racers.

Bike fits aren’t just for professional riders – they are for anyone who rides whether they are a beginner or advanced rider.  So, why should you schedule a bike fit?  You should get one because you want to get the most out of your experience on the bike.

Here at Peak Cycles Bike Shop, we have a private, dedicated room designated for bike fits.  We offer Specialize’s branded fit system, Body Geometry, accompanied by the newest technologies to give you a comfortable and professional bike fit experience.  Not only can we help you with your fit, but we carry all the bike parts  you may require to get your bike in the very best setup for your riding needs.  Give us a call (303) 216-1616 or stop by the shop in Golden to schedule your bike fit.

In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peak of what you can expect in your upcoming bike fit.


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