More Idea’s For New Year’s Resolutions

Howdy Folks!!

Hope 2013 is treating you well thus far!  While it may be cold now, warmer temperatures will be here before we know it. We all know that it is tough to stay motivated this time of year, but parlay your New Year’s Resolution into one of these cool riding events:

1. Breckenridge 100/68/32

These mountain bike races aren’t for the faint of heart, but offer huge rewards and spectacular views of the continental divide for anyone willing to take the plunge.  The 32 mile race is hard, the 68 is harder, and the 100 is insane.  Start training soon so you can make the most of the experience.

For more info go to

2. Triple Bypass

This years edition of the 120 mile trek from Evergreen to Avon, or Avon to Evergreen, features 10,000 feet of climbing.   Evergreen to Avon is Saturday July 13th, while Avon to Evergreen in Sunday July 14th.  For an extreme challenge register for the Double Triple!!!  Double Triple participants ride Saturday, Evergreen to Avon, spend the night in Avon, and Turn around and ride Avon to Evergreen for a total of 240 miles with 20K feet of climbing!

Register here:

3. The Koppenberg

If you are looking for a smaller short range goal that still offers a challenge check out the ultimate Colorado spring classic.  The Koppenberg is is a road race on a 5.5 mile circuit race just north of Boulder, CO.  This may sound straight forward, but the circuit is almost all dirt roads including a short but sweet 17% grade dirt road climb.

For footage of last years race, check here:!__the-koppenberg

Which ever goal you choose, make sure you stick with it, and for all your service and bike needs stop by Peak Cycles.

Happy New Year and Happy Riding!


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