How to Create a Bike Friendly Business Culture this Holiday Season

Bikes make healthy businesses.  Healthy employees, lower healthcare costs, decreased absenteeism, and more productivity — these are the hallmarks of a company that embraces bicycling.  There are benefits to bike commuters too – money saved, improved work/ life balance, and a healthier lifestyle.  So it’s makes good business sense that more and more companies, large and small, are supporting cyclists in the workplace.

Now that the holidays are underway, what are the best ways to celebrate our two wheeled friends and the ones that ride them?

Create a bike-friendly shopping program.  Many aspiring bike riding enthusiast appreciate a shop that offers quality bike components along with solid advice on bike parts and bike apparel. Convenience helps too.  Look for a shop that offers online and store front shopping to aid in your cyclist needs.  Fortunately, Peak Cycles offers both!

Create bike education programs.  Consider offering a bike safety class or participate in a bike maintenance class.   All tools aren’t created equal – some are good for mountain bike parts while others are designed for road bike parts.  Knowing which tools to use on the appropriate bike components can make all the difference in making bike maintenance easy.

Create a company approved “Go To” list of bike parts.  Guidance on approved items makes it easy for cyclist to explore the many benefits of commuting.  Take for instance, the employee that shops before or after work.  The  Burley Urban Trailer System allows you to tow, pull or carry your belongings. Go from the street to the store to the office with a twist of the wrist.  Or, provide a repair station with tools, lubrication, and tubes.

Bike commuting is a win-win for both businesses and individuals looking to reduce costs, embrace healthy living, and promote healthy businesses. What is your business doing this Holiday Season to promote a winning bike commuting culture?

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