Colorado High School Mountain Biking Leauge

We all know that most people in Colorado love to ride, and there is a huge racing scene.  Recently Colorado has been recognized for the development of it’s High School Mountain Biking League.  Youth racing in Colorado was featured in Bicycling Magazine due to its increasing popularity regionally.

Racing is an extremely important tool to the sport of cycling.  Much of the innovation  that has taken place is due to racing technology.  Because of this Peak Cycles and supports local high school racing and is a proud sponsor of the Golden High School Mountain Biking Team.   One of our employees is a fantastic racer for Golden High School and is turning out to be a half way decent mechanic as well.

We encourage everyone to go out and ride and have fun, and every once in a while, toe the line, get out there and race!  The benefit is amazing, and you will see a whole other side of the sport.  Also, get your kids out on bikes.  You will be amazed by what they can do.

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