Enduro Racing Comes to Colorado


Enduro: How It Works

Friday, Aug. 19
STAGE 1 – Chainless Downhill
As the name states, this approximate 10 minute stage requires athletes to remove their chain and rely on their energy, flow, and technique to descend a technical course without the aid of a single pedal-stroke.

Saturday, Aug. 20
STAGE 2 – 10-15 minute Enduro Downhill
STAGE 3 – 10-15 minute Enduro Downhill
STAGE 4 – 10-15 minute Enduro Downhill

Sunday, Aug. 21
STAGE 5 – Trek All-Mountain Downhill Finale: 30-40 minute stage has a loop of climbing and descending before dropping through the entire vertical of Trestle Bike Park – 2,000 feet. The athlete’s total time will be used to determine the start times of this race. The fastest athlete in the previous four stages will go first. The remaining riders will be staggered based on their total time and will be subsequently chasing the leader to the finish.  First rider across the finish wins the overall.

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