Bike Trip to Fanta’s Folly racer, Ben Teschner, is spending the summer working on his masters degree doing some research in Ghana.  Ben has sent several photos to the States of him and his bike. Here is a email and link for his latest bike adventure…

Family and Friends,

I hope you enjoy these pictures. I did another bike trip to the coast for a weekend away from the mine. Four hours of bike riding each way. I figure it’s about 50 miles trip each direction. I left Tarkwa on saturday morning and returned on sunday afternoon. Highlights of the trip include the kids getting coconuts out of the trees. It was totally worth the inflated prices (and the further inflation due to lack of change) to see the kid climb up the tree and rummage around for the coconuts. Unfortunately, the kid wore a green shirt and therefore blended it quite will with the palm leaves, but if you look very carefully, you can see him way up at the top. Fortunately, he made it down from there safely. You will also see photos of the little hut on stilts that I got for the night. Beach front view, nice little bed w/ mosquito net, cost me about $15 for the night. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Now its back to work…

Ben T

Ben T enjoying the view

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