Peak Cycles Group Ride

The summer solstice is today meaning its the one day where the sun is at its most northern point in the sky which gives us the most daylight of the year!  That means this weeks shop ride from Peak Cycles will be the ride with the most evening light.

So, we were going to take advantage of the extra light and ride White Ranch!

Lets meet and be ready to ride at the BOTTOM parking lot at 6:30pm on Wednesday June 23rd.
1- Up Belcher Hill Trail to the TOP, if you don’t want to go all the way to top, cut out the last climb and cut west across on Sawmill Trail. (see CHOICE on attached Map)
2- Regroup at Point A
3 – Descend Mustang Trail
4 – Regroup at Point B
5 – Up Belcher Hill Trail again to a little to Maverick Trail
6- Take Maverick Trail north
7- Regroup at Point C
8 – Descend entire Longhorn Trail
9 – Take Whippletree Trail back to Belcher Hill Trail
10 – Descend Belcher Hill Trail to Parking lot

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