Save Apex

Picture 1The more I think about it, the less I like this plan.  I propose a new solution, close both the new trail from heritage and the lower apex gulch trail to hikers.  This would completely prevent hiker access to Apex, problem solved!

Seriously though, I was thinking about the proposal and I don’t see how hiker groups are making any concessions at all.  A “compromise” should include something given up by both sides.

I think the best solution would be to make the lowest section of Apex trail uphill only for mtn bikers, the upper most section of Apex trail uphill for mtn bikers only – that’s it. – Charlie K

Here is what we can do about it….

Send your opposition NOW to JCOS’s proposed “plan” to  let’s flood JCOS staff, and the county commissioners with e-mails on this to let them know that the “plan” is unacceptable and we won’t stand for it.  seriously – every e-mail will help.  if you think of new items/issues arguments afer you’ve sent your e-mail, send another one.  i’ve already done that.

thanks for helping to SAVE APEX!

Steve  Gosselin

2 Responses to Save Apex

  1. swiftjesse says:

    It seems like the main goal is to discourage Shuttling. If anyone knows anything about the type of DH guys who would use a shuttle, I bet those guys ARENT riding Enchanted Forest anyway. As fun as Enchanted Forest is, there are 3 quick steep climbs UP!
    And, if they make EF one way up, then ALL the people biking will HAVE to descend down the MIDDLE of Apex at the upper section. So all they are doing is doubling the amount of traffic going down that section as well as doubling the amount of traffic down the lower east part of Pick N Sledge. Cyclists wont have a choice of how to get out of Apex or how to go down…. Bad Plan Jeffco! 😦

  2. […] Get Press, Chad does too! It seems like enough people have been bothered by Jeffcos Open Space plan at Apex, that 9News did a story on it recently. Team rider, Chad Kittles, can be seen in this […]

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