Grass & Weeds along C470 trail

I saw the coolest thing yesterday.

As I was heading down the C-470 bike path I noticed that the trail is
getting narrow due to the grass and weeds growing about 2′-0″ tall
along the sides.  I was thinking to myself Highlands Ranch needs to
get out there and cut the sides with a 4′-0″ swath like they typically
do each year.   Then, I noticed a rider going in the opposite
direction.  He was riding with just one hand.  His right arm out and
he had a small swagger to his ride.  He was looking blankedly in front
of him with a slight smile.  As I got closer I clearly saw he was
blind.  He had the similar look like Stevie Wonder or Ray in concert.
He was feeling the tall grass on the edge to determine where the edge
of the trail was.

It was cool to see someone extending themselves beyond their
limitations, a blind man riding a bike, to reach out and live life to
the fullest.   I now don’t want to see them cut the grass and weeds on
the side of the trail.   The grass and weeds now have new meaning.
– Mitch Westall

2 Responses to Grass & Weeds along C470 trail

  1. Colin M says:

    Nice, very cool observation and thanks for sharing.

  2. Brendan H. says:

    That makes me think of this blind man named Douglas Sidialo who rode the 7,000 miles Tour D’Afrique.

    It’s always so inspiring to see extraordinary people like that. Thanks.

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