Review – Specialized Deviant Helmet


Product: Specialized Devaint Helmet – Full Face Free Ride/Bmx Helmet

MSRP: $140

Link: Deviant Helmet

Details: Twenty-one vents, full face protection and a tough fiberglass shell manage your toughest assaults with ease.

  • Complies with one or more of the following safety standards for bicycle helmets: CPSC, SNELL B-95, CE and ASTM 1952 (standard for downhill mountain bike racing helmets)
  • EPS foam with fiberglass shell
  • Pro Fit 2 rear vertical adjust retention system is secure and easy to adjust on the fly
  • Removable washable liner and cheek pads
  • New increased travel adjustable visor
  • Carrying bag included
  • Size chart


Thoughts: I used the Deviant Helmet to increase my confidence dirt jumping.  Its one thing to hit jumps wearing a little skate board helmet and another when you have a nice full face brain bucket on your head to make that decision to hit “the big line” a little easier!

Eager to get to the local jump spot, I grabbed the helmet out of the box and threw it on my head.  I noticed my ears folded over as I squeezed my little head in, and my ears didn’t unfold once the helmet was on and I felt a lot of pressure on my cheeks.  A little disappointed, I took the helmet off and started looking at the inside.  Inside there is a nice sweat liner that is held on by a bunch of little velcro tabs that definitely increases the comfort on top of your head when in the helmet.  Then I looked at the ‘mouth guard’ and saw that the cheek pads were held on by similar velcro tabs.  I pulled the two individaul cheek pads out of the helmet, and then put the helmet on again… my head slid in easily, no problems with my ears and no pressure on my cheeks.  Happy with my little helmet mod, I got my bike and headed to Sunset Park.  While jumping, the retention system on the back comfortably held the Deviant in place. I never felt like the helmet was too tight or too loose.  Like Goldilocks said when she found that last bowl of porridge, the helmet fit “just right!”  The vents on the top kept the black helmet cool on my head and the visor did a good job blocking the evening sun from my eyes.  The helmet was also nicely weighted and didn’t give my neck a work out like some bulkier full face helmets do.
All in all, I was really impressed with the helmets fit and comfort AFTER I took out the thick cheek pads.  I would be nice if the helmet were to come with a couple different thickness of pads.  For the price, I think its a great buy for a great quality helmet!  Its definitely going to hold up to those slams in the dirt while keeping your head nice and cozy.  The Specialized Deviant helmet is product you will rely and count on to help you hit those big  jumps!

Side Note: If you are looking for that “bling’d out brain bucket”  The Deviant also comes in a full carbon version for more then twice as much money…  I think thats a lot for something that is made to hit the dirt but it may tickle some one elses fancy.

Pros: Pro Fit Head retention device works very well, easy to tighten and easy to loosen.  Helmet is light weight and doesn’t restrict line of sight.

Cons: Cheek pads were too thick.

Reviewer: Jesse Swift
Rating: 4 Peaks 4 out 5 Peaks


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