Black Hills Fat Tire Festival

Team representing CO in SD!

Team representing CO in SD!

jon w, tate, matt, micah and i all headed to Rapid City South Dakota for the Black Hills Fat Tire Festival.  it was a small, low key event but it was a new race to do and beautiful part of the country to see!

we got a hotel in downtown Rapid City because the races were being held in a park system just on the edge of town.  (see the photo below)image001

Friday – Hill Climb: matt, micah and tate raced.  tate took off at the start, but micah proved to be the strong one on the 7 minute steep fire road climb to the radio towers ( see the 1st photo above) and won the entire race and set himself up well for the King of the Mtn stage race.

Saturday – XC race: jon w, matt, micah, tate and myself raced.  two 10 mile laps up and down and around the park.  the start of the race was 1/4 mile sprint in wet grass!  matt took an early lead with jesse, micah and jon chasing with another local pro attacking him often.  as the race course crossed over its self, matt almost hit Tate on a descent as Tate was climbing just minutes behind the race leader.  jesse and micah had a hard time staying behind matt but jesse came around him into the final descent.  micah attacked hard and caught matt and jesse.  in the grass spring towards the finish line, micah attacked again!  jesse ended up winning, with micah 2nd, matt 3rd, local pro in 4th and jon w in 5th.  bobbie watt ( jon’s wife placed 2nd in the womens race!)

Sunday – Super D race: jon w, matt, micah, tate and my self raced.  the super d was very casual and was done in a Time Trial format where each racer starting individually and was racing the clock like a downhill race.  the race promoter said “if you think you are fast, get in the front of the line!”  so tate and jon w started the whole race off.  tate had some bad luck and tore his baggy shorts.  micah and matt also had some bad luck but jon watt kicked ass and won with a time around 6:35minutes!  as well, bobbie watt won too!

King of The Mountain –  in the end, Micah gained enough points in all 3 races to win the King of the Mountain award!  he took home some cash and a pretty trophy!  Matt placed 3 in the KOTM and needs to contact the race promoter for his money!  🙂  seriously matt…

Not only were there races, but there were organized group rides and a Film Festival!  The winning film was about a 34 month old toddler riding around town picking up girls to AC/DC’s TNT song!  very funny!  And, like any fat tire festival, the beer was flowing!  The whole event was fun and the locals were all very nice!  South Dakota has a ton of trails and next time you are thinking of heading to Fruita or Moab, head north east instead and check out the Black Hills mountain bike scene!  🙂

Black Hills Fat Tire Festival

P.S. it was a good weekend hanging out and racing with you guys!  – jesse

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