Thanks Garmin!

Last year was my first adventure in the world of tracking my rides via GPS.  I liked the details the GPS give you and quickly started using it on all my rides.  I started with a Garmin Edge 205, but lost it in a crash during a Super D race.  So, I ordered another one to have during the BC Bike Race.  But… that one stayed on my bike about 5 miles into the first day and was lost somewhere in the dirt on Vancouver Island.  I was super sad, but still wanted to use a GPS on my rides, so I got the Garmin Forerunner 405, which is similar to the 205 but it has a watch band.   My thought is now it would be REALLY hard to lose to the GPS because of the strap band.  So on my last trip to Fruita, I crashed a little hard and tossed my ML8.  Here is how the crash treated my Garmin 405 GPS watch…img_46232

I got pretty beat up as well, so I headed back to the car after the crash.  Even though the GPS was shattered, it still managed to record the rest of the ride… check it out here.  Lunch Loops GPS.  I was pretty bummed about ruining the third GPS in 1 year.  I wrote a letter to Garmin and they said they would do a crash replacement warranty on it.  I was skeptical because of the major damage, but I sent in the broken unit anyway.  Then today I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my front door to see a little box from Garmin on my porch!  Thanks Garmin!!!!  photo

3 Responses to Thanks Garmin!

  1. Da playa says:

    That is AWESOME! What kind of software are you using to track your rides with that thing?

    • swiftjesse says:

      The Garmin GPS cycling/running units comes with a stand alone program that is called Garmin Training Center. GTC isnt very flashy, but it records all the data for you. The Garmin Forerunner 405 comes with an online account for a real nice website that records all your data. It has lots of bells and whistles that the GTC lacks…

  2. Brendan H. says:

    Is Easton going to send you a new bar? 😉

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