steelmtbA friend of mine found this classic mountain bike at Good will for $9.00!!!  I teased him about the UniShox recall by in the ’90s.  Here is what he says about his find…

The fork is actually the only one not involved in the recalls. I had one on my Klein when originally built. It was my first suspension fork. I quickly upgraded to a Mag 21.
I pulled the fork apart last night. It was “stiction” seized. The grease was like glue. Anyway, I think with a good cleaning and some fresh lube, I’ll have a working pogo fork!!
It’s built with full Mountain LX, but someone changed to XT thumb shifters that look to be almost unused! Hell those go for 50-80 on ebay! I might do a full rebuild and flip it, or who knows, maybe throw the slicks on from the urban race and a front rack for errends…
Despite the “rigid” fork, it is ridable. Not too bad for under 10 bucks!

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