Fruita Fat Tire Festival

ftfI went, brought the camera, and didn’t take a single photo.  In three days I rode Rabbit Valley (3/4/5/8) loops, Ribbon Trail, Holy Cross, Kessle Run, and Zippidee Do da.  Add to that two 30 mile dirt bike rides at Rabbit Valley and Road 18.  The motos were outrageously fun to have out in Fruita.

Paul at DT Swiss gave us the tour of Grand Junction with a first stop at the Distillery (, Ale House brewery, and then the famous Quincy’s dive bar.

We survived that night, raced the Cruiser Crit, and then celebrated the Fruita Fat Tire Festival at the Endzone where Kretlier helped put on a sprint race.  Unknown badassness ensued, and many victims fell.  It was grand.

So now I’ve done an Alley Cat (SSCX Worlds) and a Sprint (FFTF).  If I don’t have a fixed gear am I still a hipster?

– Colin M

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