I recently realized its been a while since I have updated the blog.  It made me think…  is my life boring?  Has nothing exciting happened?  Am i tired of wasting time in front of a computer?  OF COURSE NOT!!!!  

The answer to my lack of blogging is that I have actually been riding!  Chad K has been working me over on his 2 hour afterwork rides!  Then went up to Loveland and rode the Devils Backbone to Horsetooth, and awesome MTB ride (other then the cop that pulled Matt over for speeding on the way up there!)  Then we hit some of Evergreens steep hills on the road bike.  On Fridau, Tyler and I hit Woodward on the DJ bikes.  Speaking of which, Matt was recently bit by the DJ bug.

We also had a birthday party for Charlie Knoll who turned 40 this past week!  He is proof that age is a state of mind!  He does more things in a week then most 20 year olds.  Riding bikes, traveling all over, sking fresh snow and like most 20 year olds, drinking lots of beer!
Then, like every spring, after 2 weeks of above normal temperatures, it SNOWED!  Not just a little snow… a good 14″ or more here in Golden.  
But lucky for ‘Fast’ Colin Osborn, he escaped the Colorado snow and is out in California this weekend for the first Pro XC National race in Fontana!  It may seem early for the rest of us, but he has been training for this first race since November!  Good luck Lil C!

So, while it may seem I have been MIA, its just because the weather was nice and I was out riding my bike.  I hope this snow melts quick and we can all get back to what we love and ride our bikes!  🙂  –  jesse

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