La Tierra Torture

Even though MSC changed the race fees this week back to a reasonable fee, I am still looking forward to and planning on racing ‘NORBA FREE’ this season.  Mitch found this Non NORBA race down in Santa Fe called La Tierra Torture!


I asked Santa Fe local, Tom (aka El Toro), what he knew about the race and this was his reply….

it’s a great little trail system … rolling, twisting, turning, fun! if we don’t get rain, the arroys will be really sandy, but it would be a fun race!  you guys would CRUSH some people out there!! – Tom

So, sorry MSC, it looks like the first race of the year will not be in Fruita, but the down in the Land of Enchantment! – Swift

2 Responses to La Tierra Torture

  1. Marie says:

    Here are some photos of this year’s race:

    • swiftjesse says:

      Great! Thanks for sending that link! I’ll make sure the guys who were down there racing see this! Enjoy. – BPC

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