Bike Polo in Lyons-Update

bikepoloHey Cyclists,
Attached is the tourney poster and updated info sheet.
Please know that rules are not my cup of tea, but are necessary for a
gathering of polo hounds. We all play a slightly different version of the
game but in the end its all the same. Score a goal, play some D and be a
gentleman. Check out the breakfast info below.

“I’ve enlisted another Lyons local to provide a small breakfast for teams
during the entry process.  Denise makes the most bad ass breakfast choice,
the breggo.  The Breggo is a breakfast delight made with homemade bread,
filled with egg and potato along with your choice of spicy Italian sausage,
ham, bacon, veggies, or Mediterranean style.”

Check it out

“She’ll have them there & warm before 9:00 Saturday March 7th.  Add the info
‘round as we continue to promote – peace”

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