Bike Polo in Lyons

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“We are doing a grass tourney and I don’t want to give the cool fixie kids any ideas.”

From the email of Chad Cheney at DurangoDevo…

Hey There Fellas,
Saturday March 7th in Lyons, Colorado will be the first modern grass bike
polo tournament in the history of the mountain states. Lyons is located on
the front range between Boulder and Fort Collins.

The game will be 4v4 with new school rules. If you touch the grass, you must pedal one revolution forward, or get out of the way. Bike on bike contact is not allowed. We will use goals provided by the Fort Collins Bike Hockey team which are about 6x8ft. Teams have the option of playing a goalie. The ball will be a size 1 soccerball. The field will allow for two games at once. Uniforms or costumes are mandatory.

The tournament will be capped at 16 teams. Games start at 10am with round robin format. The Championship Bracket will begin at 3pm. Games will be played to 3 in the round robin and 5 in the championship bracket.

Cost is $40 per team, includes post game meal at the Oskar Blues party barn.  Live music at the Osckar Blues Brewery will follow. There is in town camping available and host housing can be arranged.

Please spread the word to your fellow mates and feel free to contact me with any questions. This action is being organized by Dale and Chad from Oskar Blues Brewery and myself


Chad Cheeney

The official poster and name has not been determined yet.
It has to be good and it is not there yet.

3 Responses to Bike Polo in Lyons

  1. tategraves says:

    Lets doo it!!

  2. braun says:

    I found your blog from google and read your posts. It’s fun and I just add your blog to my Google Reader. Keep up your good posts friend. I’m Looking forward to read more fun from this blog. Thanks…

  3. Doug Render says:

    The team from Boulder will crush you all! We will use our guile and rogue ways to outwit and outplay. We look forward to your lamentation and praise!

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