Lactate Threshold Lecture

image0011Thursday, February 12th at 7:00 pm

 Lactate Threshold Lecture

By Cindy Stonesmith/OES Endurance coach

Come early for the social hour starting at 6pm and fill up on Good Food, Good Sports so your stomach won’t interrupt the lecture.

Whether you’re a competitive or recreational athlete, knowing and utilizing your Lactate Threshold in your daily, weekly and annual training program is imperative.
Not sure a lactate threshold test is right for you?  Join us for a lactate threshold lecture by Optimize Endurance Services (OES), and find out how you can optimize your training and performance.  Lactate Threshold, also known as Anaerobic Threshold (AT) or the Onset of Blood Lactate Accumulation (OBLA), is the point at which lactate is produced by the working muscles faster than it can be absorbed and utilized by the working and non-working muscles. When the accumulation of blood lactate out paces the increase and utilization of working muscles, blood lactate levels rise and muscle fatigue and loss of performance is inevitable. In endurance sports, the key is to balance the rate of lactate production and the rate of lactate absorption and utilization. Find out how a lactate threshold test can provide you with individualized heart rate zone training, thus eliminating unnecessary miles, which optimizes your training for your specific endurance goal. Whether you’re running a 5k or Marathon, or participating in Ride the Rockies, a lactate threshold test will support your early winter and spring training.

Come check it out… and learn much more!


Beef O’Bradys

Good Food, Good Sports

585 E. South Boulder Rd.

Louisville, CO 8002

One Response to Lactate Threshold Lecture

  1. Colin M says:

    Nice offer there. I seem to hit my lactate threshold when I’ve purged myself of beer. In fact I think I’d like to go to a seminar where I learn my beer threshold. mmmmm beer

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