Furry Hood

I went shopping for a new snowboarding jacket a couple weeks ago.  Every jacket that I looked at the I liked had one thing in common… a furry hood.  I ended up getting this 4Square jacket…


I got home and it was kinda bugging me, why did I buy a jacket with a furry hood?  The question ate at me for a while until during the last cold snap, someone described as being cold as Hoth.  At that moment it clicked!  han6In my opinion, Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars movie of them all.  It introduces Yoda and my life mantra “Do or do not, there is no try”, the Rebels get their butts kicked by At-Ats, its our first real sight of Boba Fett, Han Solo cuts open the Taun Tan and sticks Luke inside, Han then gets tortured and frozen in carbonite and to top it all off, Luke gets his hand cut off an we find out about Darth being Luke’s dad!  What an awesome movie!  I guess it influenced me more then I thought.  Now, if I am looking at new cars and am leaning towards buying a really tall, robotic looking dog car with 4 legs, someone stop me!at-at0051

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