SK8 or Die

I am a middle school teacher and have a Skate Club at school.  Normally we skate at the park behind the school a couple times a week.  But this time of year, we watch skate movies and wait for the snow to melt.  This year I found a place in Cali that sell uncut skate boards for $14!  I ordered a bunch up for the kids and on Friday  they are going to start making their own skateboards (photos at a later date).  In the package of boards, the guy sent me a OJIII t-shirt.  This brought back memories of the old orange OJ wheels I had and got me thinking…

photoI didn’t play football, baseball or even soccer growing up.  I was riding my BMX bike at an early age and I think I enjoyed the freedom and the jumping contests with my friends.   Then I moved on to the skateboards in the mid 80’s and again loved the idea of not going to practice or having a coach.  Then in the mid 90’s I moved on to mountain bikes and found that what I enjoyed about it was pushing my self and riding with friends.  I really think those early days skating shaped me as an adult and the people I hang out with, the music I listen to and the sports I like do/watch.  


Brad Click - Circa '86

I urge everyone to think back to when they were 13 years old… what did you do with your Saturdays?  What did you want to do the second you got out of school?  What was your favorite tape?  What was your favorite movie?   Blow the dust off that tape, throw it in the boombox, go out in the garage find a skateboard and ollie!  The 13 year old will thank you!!  Sk8 or Die – Mr. Swift  

One Response to SK8 or Die

  1. Colin M says:

    what did you do with your Saturdays?
    Terrorized the neighborhood
    What did you want to do the second you got out of school?
    Hit the launch ramps on my Schwinn Predator
    What was your favorite tape?
    The Fat Boys!
    What was your favorite movie?
    Probably the Lost Boys back in 1987 but certainly RAD

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