Pow Pow and Beard Update

Say good bye to the 60+ degree weather we had last week!  At the moment it is 6 deg in Golden.  But not only are the sunny skies gone, but the clear trails are gone too!  I got to work this morning and there was a light dusting of snow on the ground, over the next couple of hours, we got more then 12″ of white stuff! 
Here is a backcountry snowboarding photo update from Colin M…berthoud-weekend-017But not only was it a snow report… it was also a beard update too…  Josh Kravetz of the Urban Assualt Ride fame, started the 2009 Mustache-Grow-A-Thon on Jan 3rd with the final ‘Stache Judgement’ on March 3rd.  Here is Colin M’s update after almost a month of grow time! berthoud-weekend-020“I have chin hair like Shaggy but the mustachio is coming in ok!”
Hey Red, with 30 or so days to go, I would start looking into some ‘Hair and Nail’ vitamins!!!

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