The Hulk Returns

So it was time to up my game, the bike path around denver and the lame climbs like lookout mountain were suddenly has beens. Parker decided to give up his traveling lifestyle for a weekend at home in longtown colorado. I headed down from Breckenridge friday night so I’d be rested and ready for the day to come. Just before a late morning departure I wasn’t sure if I could even walk, let alone ride a bicycle. The scary thing about that evening and morning with parker was that more and more of the hulk was making an appearance. Suddenly I didn’t know who I was hanging out with. Was it real…… was the hulk making a return to bike racing after going into hibernation for a few years. The calender said mid January, the hulk said lets go crush Left Hand Canyon to Ward. So with the hulk pulling jason, we headed up, just under four hours, 52.7 miles, 4281 feet of climbing, not bad for a 55 degree day in january.  – Jason Kompf


Parker resting before hitting the ward spring for some of that spirit water they drink up there.

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