Pepper at the Belly Up


Charlie, John, Parker, Colin M and I, (also known as Red, The Goat, Greeneck and Chester for those who speak ‘Parkernese’) headed up to Aspen for some killer sking/snowboarding and to check out Pepper at the Belly Up!  It was a good show and a great weekend playing in the mountains!   The only bad thing was Colin M getting kicked off the team for some inappropriate touching… John was seen late in the night taking a long shower in his clothes and crying….  ;)img_7930 A  big ‘Thanks!” goes to Tyler for showing us some secret spots on Snowmass Mtn!

One Response to Pepper at the Belly Up

  1. Colin M says:

    I was doing so well until they teased me with a Pennywise song…for one verse…f**kers

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