New rides with old friends

Log Drop trail in Pueblo

Log Drop trail in Pueblo

With my day off before Thanksgiving, I headed down to Pueblo to ride with an old college friend, Jesse Jacobs. He was the first mtn biker I met down at FLC in ’94. I remember the moment cause we are both named Jesse.  I think it was the first time I had met another guy with the same name.  He also had the same Yeti had on that I did and we got to talking and also both had the same bike, brightly colored anodized GT Zaskar.  We became good friend and rode a lot down in Durango. After we graduated, both of us have moved along the Front Range, Boulder, Ft Collins, Denver, CO Springs with Jesse settling in Pueblo.  Jesse had gone back to school to become an Xray tech and this was the first chance to ride in a couple years.  Jesse took me out to Pueblo reservoir and we rode on some of the mtn bike trails on the south side of the res.  They were nice, rolling trails with great views on cool broken slate rock.  It was good to catch up, see where his life has taken him and just ride like the old days! – Swift

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