Trying something different

I got a text message from a number I didn’t recognize asking me “if I was going to the race?”.  I soon realized that it was one of my 7th grade students talking about the cyclocross race happening in Golden.  I hadn’t been planning on going, but decided I would stop by and cheer him on.  I have only been teaching about 4 years and have gotten to know 450-500 students.  In that short time I have realized it really rare to see a 13 year old kid go out and try something unique, something different.  They are quick to follow others, so its nice to see one out doing their own thing!  It was inspiring to see him trying so hard.  He isn’t the biggest kid and that mtn bike isn’t the lightest.  I was very proud that he invited me to watch him race and hope he keeps on riding and creating his own path!  I can imagine the conversations in the middle school hallways tomorrow when the other kids ask what he did this weekend…

Golden youth

Golden youth

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