Down, but not out!

last night (thursday) micah was out on a bike ride and wrecked pretty good… 
they ended up taking him to swedish by ambulance with a broken colar bone.  by the time we got home that night the bone was on it’s way out of his shoulder!  
we went up to vail this morning around 10 to see the same doctor that fixed his shoulder last time(which thankfully held!) and he was in surgery by 1:30!  
they put a pin in and he’s in much less pain than he was last night, yeah!  we are back home and i’m keeping him drugged up 

One Response to Down, but not out!

  1. shannon cross says:

    Doen’t this guy ever learn? He’s been to the hospital due to previous crashes!! (His younger brother just laughed and said, ‘isn’t he getting a little old for that? you’d think he’d learn.’)

    I’m just glad he’s got Betsy to put him ‘back together again!’

    the mom

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