12 Hours of Snow Mass

Bikeparts.com team,

Amy Hermes and I raced in the Duo Coed category and placed 3rd less than 15 minutes out from first.  What could have happened if we didn’t race on our singlespeeds?  Who cares!  Team Flying Shopping Cart kicked ass and suffered through 13 laps, 91 miles and 20,000 of climbing.  I am waiting on the photos of me leading Lance out on the first lap while wearing my jailbird suit so if anyone sees one online let me know.

The warm up for Snowmass was a few days spent in Crested Butte.  Good times but it rained a lot.  I had the opportunity to take a group of about 10 on their first tour of Trail 401.  At least one bike was older than Colin Osborne on that ride.

Here is some photos! Thanks, Colin McKernan

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