Gunnison Growler

Colin M’s Gunnison Growler Condensed Race Report – “Ow.  Yay! No, really I feel lucky to have ridden the 32 miles of Hartman Rocks trails (twice).  Beautiful scenery, excellent moto sculpted trails, great volunteers, and a well marked course.  The 7am Sunday start was a little drizzly and cold which had us sorting through clothes for warmer gear.  Thanks to Dave Weins for the Growler history lesson.  Yes there were carcasses out on course and I hope that the mountain lions enjoyed their meal.  Thanks for the private land owners for opening up their property for the race.”

64 miles, 1 clif bar, 4 gels, 1/2 banana, 1/4 orange, 6 Brawndo (THE THIRST MUTILATOR) drinks, one rigid singlespeed, and no blisters later I finished with a snot and salt infused smile.

Colin M

Gunnison Growler Race Results

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