Teva Games – XC

Yesterday, we loaded up the Tribeca and headed to Summit County for the Teva Games Cross Country.  Tim, Jon W, Tate G, Chad K, Jesse S, Ben L, and John P represented the team and debuted the new team clothing at the multi-sport event.  We got there a little early and decided to head up and pre ride the course.  The 5 mile course climbs from the start with a with fast, exposed and steep service road then funnels the racers into a descent of tight, twisty single track in the aspen.  Then right at the end of the lap, the race promoters felt we weren’t dirty enough, so they added a 1/2 mile extension onto the course through the deep mud and melting snow just for fun!  Click here for the GPS of the race. The course ended up being VERY tough after 5 laps and made every racer look deep inside to see what they had to finish the race!  Click here for the results! After wards, we watched the slopestyle warming up with back flips and had some pizza in the village.  It was a great day in Vail!  Congrats to every one who headed up and gave it their best! – swift

Tate chasing down Brady at the start

Tate chasing Brady K down at the start of the XC!

Chad coming in hot on the fast descent

Chad coming in HOT on the fast descent! owner, John Polli, racing fast in Vail co-owner, John Polli, racing fast in Vail

Jon Watt looking fast

Jon Watt and his last Expert Race, Semi Pros watch OUT!!!

Jesse Swift smiling on the dirt

Jesse Swift smiling… it must be the first lap!

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