Mike Janelle – www.LiveLikeMike.org

Many of us knew Mike as a great friend, competitor and an all around nice fun guy to hang around with. I personally began racing against Mike in ’93 when he switched over to the MTB from the road. The Mike Janelle Gift Pak can be purchased at the link below. All proceeds from the Mike Janelle Gift Pak and Cycling Jersey go directly to the Mike Janelle Children’s Trust.


If you’ve been racing XC in the Rockies over the past decade chances are pretty good that you crossed paths with Mike Janelle at one time or another. For the past several years he’d been a staple on the Tokyo Joes squad. Shortly after Thanksgiving last year Mike was taken from his wife Maribel and then unborn son, Lil’ Mike. The folks at Tokyo Joes have set up a website where you can make a donation to help Mike’s family get through the next few years. In return, you’ll get an education about a man who lived life like it was meant to be lived. He was a sportsmanlike competitor, a friend to those in need and a beacon of hope to those mired in petty workday issues or seemingly endless 80-hour weeks at a desk. For your small donation you’ll also get some great swag – stuff that serves as a reminder to work to live, not the other way around. Please, visit  www.LiveLikeMike.org – even if only to remind yourself of how precious each day really is.

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