Deer Valley – Super D

So, Matt and I loaded up in his GTO and headed west to Park City, UT for the NORBA National at Deer Valley. Chad, Colin Matt and I woke up early and did a few pre rides down the Super D course and it was fun riding with the guys. The Super D race wasn’t until 6:00pm, so we pre rode the XC at 3:00 in the heat to get ready for tomorrows race. The XC is super smooth and not too many steep climbs, however, if I were to guesstimate, I think the XC course has a million switchbacks! Anyways, on to todays race, the Super D was a TT race because of all the single track. There were about 38 pros racing even guys like Eric Carter. Matt was starting about 3 minutes ahead of me. He had a solid run and kept his bike up the whole time. My race went well too until about 20 feet from the finish. I was sprinting to the line and dropped my chain. I slammed my knee into my fork and almost went down and ended up coasting in. In the end, Matt posted an unofficial race time of 9:11 finishing 14th and I was at 9:15 at 18th! Stay tuned tomorrow for the XC live report! – Jesse Img_5758


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