Land of Enchantment

This weekend Team GoFast/ found them selves in the Angelfire, New Mexico for some Super D, XC and ST racing. The Team bunked up with the Tough Girls and Fuentes Design in a condo for some fun company when not on the bikes. Super D didnt begin very well when the start gun fired and their bikes were still on the chair lift. Despite the late start, Colin, Jesse and Matt still managed to finish midpack on the wet and slippery course. The XC race was tough with long, techincal climbs and fast decents went much better for the team. Tim and Colin both finished 6th in Expert and Single Speed races. In the Pro race, Josh was on fire and finished 7th out of 38, with Matt beating Jesse for 12th by 30 seconds and Brian finished strong in 25th. Be sure to check out the MSC #2 photo album for more of the weekends stories as well as fellow condo camper, Colin Osborn’s blog for another point of view. Img_5211


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