MSC #1

Team GoFast/ had their unveiling this weekend at the 1st stop of the Mountain States Cup series at the Chalk Creek Stampede.

In the Single Speed class, Colin McKernan placed 2nd on the fast, bumpy course in a sprint finish on his recently built SS 69’r!

In the Pro class, Josh Bezecny, Brian Laiho and Jesse Swift lined up with close to 30 other racers. The large field strung out quickly and each racer was on their own. Laiho ended up being the fastest team member, finishing 10th with Swift a spot behind in 12th.

Overall, it was a nice to shake off the dust from the spring training and get the first race under the belt. The next stop for the team is another fast, flat course at Race the Bear in Lakewood. Then a welcoming change at Angelfire, New Mexico where the climbers can show off their power, and the descenders can show off their skills!

– Ride fast, Jesse


One Response to MSC #1

  1. gwadzilla says:

    great images!

    especially like that photoshop work

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