Durango Herald – City red-faced over the blue ‘punji stick’

March 27, 2008

Action Line

I made the Durango Herald with my inquiry about the Bike Path Punji Stick of Death. Article Follows.
Link to Article on the Durango Herald website


City red-faced over the blue ‘punji stick’
March 24, 2008

What’s the deal with the metal punji stick along the Animas River Trail behind the fire station? I don’t think the blue paint covering the tip is going to stop anyone from getting skewered. Does it have a purpose? Can the city remove it? – Matt Smith

That 3-foot-tall pointy pole was a waterline marker, according to Cathy Metz, director of the city’s Parks and Recreation Department, who had to do some digging to find out about it. “We had no idea it was there until you called,” she confided. After parks and rec crews visited the site, there was a collective “yikes!” “We looked at the pole this afternoon, and it will be removed tomorrow morning,” she said. That was on Wednesday, and so the marker from a bygone era has gone bye-bye.

But you can view an excellent, and now historic, photo called “Durango Bike Path Punji Stick of Death” at the following link: tinyurl.com/2lljvh.

The pole was installed decades ago to show the location of the underground water line serving the Crestview area, whose residents hate it when Action Line calls their neighborhood Tupperware Heights.

Nowadays, the city uses special sensors to locate waterlines, but it will hold on to the Bike Path Punji Stick of Death just in case.

“We might have to reinstall it along the blind curve behind Albertsons as a way to encourage speeding bikers to slow down,” Metz joked.

Durango Bike Path Punji Stick of Death

Golden CO Mountain Bike Ride, GPS – Dakota Ridge and Green Mountain

March 20, 2008

So, I took my new Garmin EDGE 205 GPS out for a ride today. Check out the map and this link to all the ride details! – swift


Its good to be in Golden…

March 15, 2008

Today we went for a 4 hour ride on the mountain bikes and only had to ride pavement for a handful of miles! I love Golden, Colorado!Img_0252

McDowell Mountain Park Mountain Bike rides

March 12, 2008

It’s finally spring time, at least in AZ. After 3 months of  cold weather riding I headed down to Fountain Hills, AZ for a week of MTB. McDowell Mountain Park is a great local trail system, and former home of the Cactus Cup. In fact, the last time I had ridden there was the 1998 Cactus Cup. Ride you bike to the park from Rio Verde or Fountain Hills and pay $1 to get into the park. Drive and pay $6 for a car.


I vividly remember my buddy Will making monkey sounds at Gert-Jan Theunisse during the crit. We all use to think that Gert hit the sauce a little too hard in his career and ended up with a Neanderthal forehead. At the time Gert was coaching Bart Brentjens and Filip Meirhaeghe. Filip was later popped for epo.

I rode a new Giant 2007 Anthem 0, stock OTB with mavic crossmax wheelset XTR pedals and Ron Andrews custom Titanium King Cages.


McDowell has a sweet trail system, directional and clearly marked. The “competitive track” area is composed of three main loops, the long loop ,sport loop and technical loop. All are fairly wide open and fast. The sandy, gravelly trail surface is slippery at high speeds. Drifting corners while navigating cactus is a necessary skill. I ran about 160lb in my Fox front and rp23 rear shox. A little high but ok due to high speed, rocky conditions.


Corners can be very slippery.


Click here for more Pics.

Bear Creek Race – Mountain Bike Race Course Change

March 6, 2008

So, the closest “mountain bike” race to Denver is the Battle of the Bear in Lakewood at Bear Creek Reservoir. This course is flat and fast with 7-8 laps. One year it snowed 6″ the day before the race, only to have 90 degree temperatures the next year. I always enjoy the race because its a good time for the family and friends to come out and cheer at a course that doesn’t send me 30 miles into the lonely wilderness. I was excited to see that this year they have lengthen the course so you dont get dizzy racing it! 🙂 Check out the map of the new course and the race website! See you on the dirt! – swift Battleofbear2008sm_2

Garmin Edge 205 GPS Unit – used to make this map!

A Weekend in Moab, Spring 2008 Mountain Bike Rides

March 6, 2008

So, Matt, Tate, Colin, Josh and I headed west for the weekend and spent a relaxing weekend riding some new trails in Moab. On Saturday, we climbed Amasa Back and looked for the RockStacker trail. After Josh slipped on the sandstone, we found the killer trail. Click here for more photos of the days adventure!Img_4247

Then, while it was snowing 12″ inches in Denver, we went for a ride up Porcupine and down the Portal Trail! It was a little chilly but much better then the Front Range! 🙂 Click here for some photos of Sundays ride!