2008 Maverick Durance race team mountain bikes

April 8, 2008

The new 2008 Maverick Durance bikes are starting to arrive at the shop!  

Blue Bikes

Ribbon Trail – Grand Junction, Colorado Mountain Bike Ride

March 27, 2008

So Tyler and I spent 5 days of our spring break riding in the Fruita/Grand Junction area.  We rode Rabbit Valley, 18Road, Ribbon Trail, Free Lunch, Moore Fun, Horsethief and Gunny Loop.  Check out some of the photos here and some of the video too!  Props to Ross Schnell for letting us invade his house during the trip!Rabbit Vally - Colorado/Utah border

Colin Osborn, BikeParts.com team rider

March 27, 2008

Colin Osborn, BikeParts.com team rider and Fort Lewis College student, has a sweet blog. check it out.

link: http://www.colinosborn.com/ 

The new team look…Jersey design, Giro helmets and blue Maverick Durance bikes!

March 22, 2008
Here is the new look for Team Bikeparts.com for the 2008 Season! We will be protecting our heads with the Giro Atmos Picture_3
We will be racing the The Maverick Durance File_393 
Picture_4Our new Team BikeParts.com jersey by Curve!

New team bike?

March 15, 2008

So, I just found this bike for sale on Craigslist… the colors are right and I think it would make a SWEET Super D bike! 😉Lowrider

McDowell Mountain Park Mountain Bike rides

March 12, 2008

It’s finally spring time, at least in AZ. After 3 months of  cold weather riding I headed down to Fountain Hills, AZ for a week of MTB. McDowell Mountain Park is a great local trail system, and former home of the Cactus Cup. In fact, the last time I had ridden there was the 1998 Cactus Cup. Ride you bike to the park from Rio Verde or Fountain Hills and pay $1 to get into the park. Drive and pay $6 for a car.


I vividly remember my buddy Will making monkey sounds at Gert-Jan Theunisse during the crit. We all use to think that Gert hit the sauce a little too hard in his career and ended up with a Neanderthal forehead. At the time Gert was coaching Bart Brentjens and Filip Meirhaeghe. Filip was later popped for epo.

I rode a new Giant 2007 Anthem 0, stock OTB with mavic crossmax wheelset XTR pedals and Ron Andrews custom Titanium King Cages.


McDowell has a sweet trail system, directional and clearly marked. The “competitive track” area is composed of three main loops, the long loop ,sport loop and technical loop. All are fairly wide open and fast. The sandy, gravelly trail surface is slippery at high speeds. Drifting corners while navigating cactus is a necessary skill. I ran about 160lb in my Fox front and rp23 rear shox. A little high but ok due to high speed, rocky conditions.


Corners can be very slippery.


Click here for more Pics.

A Weekend in Moab, Spring 2008 Mountain Bike Rides

March 6, 2008

So, Matt, Tate, Colin, Josh and I headed west for the weekend and spent a relaxing weekend riding some new trails in Moab. On Saturday, we climbed Amasa Back and looked for the RockStacker trail. After Josh slipped on the sandstone, we found the killer trail. Click here for more photos of the days adventure!Img_4247

Then, while it was snowing 12″ inches in Denver, we went for a ride up Porcupine and down the Portal Trail! It was a little chilly but much better then the Front Range! 🙂 Click here for some photos of Sundays ride!