Epic Eric and his Mukluk

November 21, 2010

Epic Eric doing what he does best, going BIG!

Friend of Team Bikeparts.com, Epic Eric, is featured on Salsa Bikes latest FAT tire snow bike model, The Mukluk. Congrats Eric!

Check out more of Eric’s adventures below.


Into the Wild – Epic Eric style

February 8, 2009

I noticed this photo on Epic Eric’s website…img_5240

Eric goes on big adventures the way most most people go to the super market.  But, I sent him an email anyway to see if the photo was his.  Here is his reply…

Yep that’s my bike at the magic bus, I took the photo.
The full story of that trip is here:

An excerpt – The food situation was gnawing, mentally pushing through wilderness like this, going on a king size snickers all day for 12 hours and having only a cliff bar to go is tougher mentally than it is physically. After a few more hours we reached a point where we could see the Sashana River valley far in the distance. We will go there…

Epic Eric delivering

February 4, 2009

eric-deliveringIf you are wondering about this guy… read this post, Epic Eric.

Epic Eric

December 8, 2008

Epic Eric.  You dont get a nickname like that doing your casual, everyday, normal rides.  If you think you have done a big, “epic” ride, mostly like Eric has done 5 times the distance in below zero deg weather at 18,000 feet in another country on 1 clif bar with no map!  No kidding!


Eric in Tibet or Nepal or Mars

Eric in Tibet or Nepal or Mars

I met Eric in college in an engineering class we had together.  We were also riding for  CSU on the cycling team together, so we became roommates.  It was then I could tell he was going to go a different route.  On the weekends I  was heading to CORPS races and he was going to Rocky Mtn National Park for epic mtn climbs.  After college, Eric worked in Denver as a Civil Engineer, but Colorado proved to be too small for him.  He is now up in Alaska making frame packs and other cool things to pack as much as you can on a bike…  

hpim15421If you are planning a BIG ride soon, shoot Eric an email and he can make you a custom pack for your bike.  And who knows, maybe some day you may earn nickname like Marathon Mike, or Ambitious Aaron!            

From riding the Alaska Pipeline to the desolate deserts of Bolivia, this photo essay is from my collection of Epic Eric photos I have collected over the years.  Keep exploring Eric, you inspire us all!!  Much respect brother, Swift

Photo Friday

July 15, 2011

Epic Eric posted a little info about his Lost Coast gear set up…


Photo Friday

May 13, 2011

Epic Eric in Nepal

The Lost Coast

February 11, 2009

Here is another amazing adventure that Epic Eric did this past summer, The Lost Coast. 

Check out the video here…

lost-coastAnd check out the blog here…

The Do’s and Don’ts to Completing Your First Big Charity Ride

June 8, 2017

Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop / BikeParts.com Riding

If you are a casual bike rider and have opted to push your personal limits and go for a big event, have you found yourself perplexed about preparations?

Oftentimes, those making the jump from one level of fitness to another find themselves wondering about what to expect.  Most riders just want to make it to the end of the ride.

Yet, we are here to offer our tips to help you to not only finish your big charity ride – but also, enjoying every pedal stroke of it.  Enjoy our do’s and don’ts of mastering your charity ride.

Do prepare your bike in advance.  This is an obvious but overlooked first step. Give your road bike a once over.   Notice any bike parts that need to be replaced.  As an example, your saddle  may look and feel fine, looks can be deceiving.  Materials and composition deteriorate beyond what is visible.  Consider replacing worn bike parts and purchasing new cycling accessories you may need. 

Do know the course and aid stations.  Review the course.  Identify aid station sand watch the weather.  Primarily, you want to anticipate your needs as you tick off each mile.  For instance, learn or write down on a card to put in your jersey the mile markers for the aid stations.  You may also make note of the mileage between aid stations.  You may end up passing through the earlier aid stations only to stop more frequently at the the aid stations later in the event.  Having this knowledge is helpful mentally and helps you gauge your energy during the ride.

Do pack extra cycling accessoriesIf the event offers drop bags, you may consider placing extra gloves, a rain jacket, lube, and maybe even a small towel in your drop bag.  Pack your nutritional and clothing needs to pair with the aid stations so that you ride with the items you need and can gather extra when needed.  These necessary items can make all the difference in avoiding discomfort in poor weather and /or poor riding conditions.

Don’t forget the basic essentials. Lay everything out the night before. Basic essentials include your every day cycling apparel: helmet, gloves, shoes, socks, shorts, jersey, sunglasses, water bottles, food, and sunscreen.

Don’t go out too fast.  Pace yourself. It’s tempting to go out too hard when you are feeling fresh and the enthusiasm is high.  You’re going to be in the saddle for a long day; so be mindful of your pace, as well as, your ongoing nutrition needs.  Eat and drink as needed and avoid consuming too much at the aid stations.

Don’t compare yourself with other riders. If this is your first big event, most likely, you won’t be in the front group.  Sometimes that can be discouraging; other times that can be comforting. Regardless, it is important to benchmark your success based on your own achievements.  Be inspired by fitter and faster riders and celebrate in your achievement of finishing your big event at your pace and in your way.

Most of all, enjoy the ride!  Take these do’s and don’ts and create your own guidelines to successfully master all of your big, epic rides!