Why Go Fat? 

November 19, 2015

Brand New Demo – 2016 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert 6Fattie (Large)

Fat bikes – they’re all the rage! While many consider fat bikes to be a trend, they are, in fact, here to stay!  The hottest trend in the mountain biking world right now is the oversized bike that can accommodate tires up to 5 inches wide.  Yet, as popular as they are, many have yet to experience this cycling bliss! 

You might be wondering, why would any self-respecting cyclist be caught dead on one of these? There are plenty of reasons, including the original impetus of floating over snow and sand, but perhaps the best reason is one shared by just about any form of bike: it’s fun!  Fat bikes behave much like a mountain bike but, in many cases, they are much more versatile. You can practically ride them anywhere and they are particularly useful during winter rides in snowy conditions. They are also great beginner bikes and will make you feel like an 8 year-old again, bouncing  gleefully all over the trails.

Fat bikes go where no bicycle has gone before.  Fat bikes can ride pretty much anywhere. They do really well on dirt but they are also very capable in the snow. Packed snow will feel very much like riding on dirt. Pushing through heaps of freshly fallen snow will provide more of a challenge and there will be some days when riding is simply impossible.  However, fat bikes make it so riders don’t have to omit a season from their calendar.

Fat bikes are easier to find and more affordable than ever before.  The fat bike market has exploded in recent years. Brands include Specialized, Mongoose, Polaris, Kona, Gravity, Kawasaki, Borealis and more! Manufacturers are creating frames out of tons of different materials including aluminum, carbon, titanium, bamboo, real steel, and Wal-Mart steel. Most fat-bikes that you will come across have a fully rigid frame. However fat bikes with front fork suspension and full-body suspension have started to emerge.

Finding the fat bike that works for you will depend on the type of riding that you do and, more importantly, your budget.  However, at Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop, we are all big fans of fat bikes and offer several options.  Check out two of our favorites the 2016 Fatboy Comp Carbon and the 2016 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert 6Fattie DEMO

Different people are finding different reasons to fall in love with fat bikes. Are you feeling the fat bike love?   Demo a fat bike at Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop in Golden, Colorado.  Check out our fat bike bike selections, cycling apparel, hydration strategies, fat bike bike parts, and accessories. Enjoy the bliss a riding a fat bike can bring you! 

The Secret Sauce to Making Fitness Gains in the Off Season 

November 12, 2015

Gone are the epic rides of summer only to be replaced with cooler temperatures, shorter days, and less time on the bike.  Aside from cyclocross, the 2015 cycling season is over, but, this part of the cycling season may just be the most important season of them all.  It’s the off-season.  It is dream season!  Now, is the time to leverage the off season for bigger gains in 2016.  In fact, there’s a saying in the cycling world, “the off season is where you can make the greatest gains” and at Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop, we couldn’t agree more. 

There are tried and true methods for training during the off season. Many of which focus on the psychical aspect of training with specific cycling workouts in combination with other forms of exercise including yoga, running, and weight lifting.  But what about the mental aspect of training? Mental fatigue accumulates through the cycling season just as much as physical fatigue.  A key element in off season gains is mental pause, reflection, and planning.  

The post, Make Proper Goal Setting a Priority for Your Next Cycling Season highlights this fact offering 10 questions to evaluate the past season’s cycling performance.  In doing so, as a cyclist, it offers you time to pause and reflect on what worked, what didn’t, and make improvements to the upcoming year.  Armed with this insight, you’re better prepared to make better training choices now that lead to better performance in 2016.  

With that being said, what is the secret sauce to making fitness gains in the off season?  To make those gains, check out the posts, Making the Most of Your Off-Season and 10 Off Season Training Tips for Mountain Bikers to take advantage of the off-season period.  You might also enjoy reading Top 5 Apps for Cyclists for Off-Season Fitness Gains.  Using technology to track and build fitness can add an extra level of motivation as you benchmark progress.

All in all, making the most of fall season training is about keeping it fresh, trying something new, and also, targeting some fitness goals. The off season can be a great opportunity to get new bike parts.  During the season, the focus is on riding; whereas during the off season, there’s more time for mental wanderings and fun! Check out our daily closeouts and overstock items to spark renewed interest in your off season cycling program.

Battle of the Bulge – How to Fight the End of Season Weight Gain

November 5, 2015


Between trick-or-treating, Thanksgiving dinner and holiday parties, keeping the weight off can be a challenge for many individuals this time of year. According to a new survey just released by Nutrisystem, Inc.,  a leading provider of weight management products and services, Americans are without a doubt battling the bulge during the holiday season.  The survey, conducted online in October in the U.S. on behalf of Nutrisystem by Harris Poll, polled 2,032 Americans, both male and female, and found:

  • Nearly 1/3 (32%) of adults said they or their spouse/partner gained weight between Halloween and New Years last year.
  • Of those that gained weight themselves, 3 in 4 (75%) said they gained 5 or more pounds and 1 in 3 (34%) say they gained 10 pounds or more.
  • About 2 in 5 claim that they (39%) or their spouse/partner (44%) went up a full clothing size during this time.

What does this mean?  Don’t be that guy or gal!  Ride your bike!  Just because the time has changed and the temperatures are cooler doesn’t mean you have to put your cycling regime on the shelf!  With an enthusiastic attitude and a few bike part changes, you can shift your end of season cycling experience to be the best one yet! 

To begin, don’t be afraid of the dark!  When the clocks change and the night draws in, cyclists have a decision to make: get in the groove with night riding and embrace the darkness.  Or, hang up the wheels and miss out on hours of glorious saddle time.  The trick to capturing the benefits is to make the time change and night riding work for you. Visibility is crucial – for you and your bike. Outfit your bike with a good light system.  You will want lights for the front of your bike.  Consider having multiple lights for the front of your bike.  One on your helmet so you can shine side roads and traffic and have a second light on your handlebars so you can see at least 10 ft. or more in front of you.  For the rear of your bike, opt for a rear red light-particularly one that blinks. A blinking red light is much more likely to get the attention of a passing motorist who might otherwise not notice you.  Don’t forget to wear cycling apparel that is visible.  There are options to choose from including vests and ankle bands.  Also, reflective tape is a good idea. 3M makes black reflective tape that is great to put on black wheels.

Instead of you getting fat, just get a fat bike! Fat bikes are the hottest trend in the mountain biking world right now and not surprisingly now is the time to get on board with them.  This year there is more competition in the fat bike market than ever which means lower price tags. In addition to more complete bikes, there is a huge selection of fat bike parts available which makes it easy to customize your ride with wheelstires, and other components that fit your riding style.  Check out our post, 2016 Fatboy Comp Carbonfor details.  Better yet, don’t just read about it, ride a fat bike!  Stop by Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop to ride, test ride, and buy a fat bike.  

You’ve spent most of the year working hard, putting in long hours on the bike, sacrificing ‘bad’ foods to keep your weight down, and done your utmost to get as fit as possible.  Don’t let all that hard work go to waste (or should we say waist?!)! What you do in the off-season can mean the difference between winning and losing during the next cycling season. Set your sights high for 2016 and stay fit now! 

Cyclocross Secrets to Surviving the Mud and Obstacles

October 29, 2015
Mitch cornering hard in the slop. Photo: Glenn Bunselmeyer

BikeParts.com Photo Credit: Glenn Bunselmeyer

Cross season begins in the early fall and runs through the end of December. You know, the time of year that those of us who live in places that get real, bona fide winters want to hang up our bikes and hibernate under down blankets. But In Colorado, we don’t do that because it’s cross season and cross is worth going out in the cold for.  Fortunately, the cooler temps and bad weather has escaped us so far; however soon on the horizon, cyclocross racers will be greeted with mud, cold, and nastier racing conditions.  Makes for more fun, right?  Absolutely!  Here are the cross secrets to help you enjoy and be more competitive in the gnarly cyclocross races.

Nastier conditions require optional tire selection
Tire choice is one of the most hotly debated topics in all of cross. The lack of active suspension means that tires are your first line of defense against rooted, bumpy, and rutted terrain. Tires choice will also make all the difference in the mud.  Regardless of whether you’re going to go the tubular or clincher route, many tire manufacturers offer tires for a number of different conditions.  If you’re unsure about which tire is best for your upcoming event, stop by Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop and we’ll help you dial it in. Another option, visit BikeParts.com online for a wide variety of cyclocross tire options.  

Mud, grime, and poor conditions require extra wheels
Racing and riding in poor conditions is chaos for your bike!  Broken spokes, muddy bikes, skewers get loose.  Not fun and especially not fun while racing.  If you have a set of wheels in the pit, you can make a change and be underway pretty quickly. Granted, not as quickly as grabbing a whole new bike but here are just three reasons why wheels are better than another bike:

1) You can have a set of super fast race wheels and a cheaper training set 

2) You can have sets of wheels with different tread choices tailored to different conditions

3) If you tweak a rim you have backups on hand

Not convinced on the wheels? Forget the wheels and build a pit bike
There are other ways to mess up your bike; as in, ripping off your derailleur hanger. Or even worse, dragging the derailleur into the spokes in the process.  One option is to replace bike parts as needed – or at least have backup bike parts on hand.  The other option is to build a backup bike. This pit bike can be one you purchased used or put together from the parts bin that roughly approximates the setup of the race bike and is a compromise in many respects. 

Now that you have the secrets to racing cross in the winter conditions, put your skills to use! Get your cowbell ready and plan your winter cyclocross racing season.  See you at the races!

5 Things You Should Know To Winter Proof Your Bike

October 22, 2015

Winter Proof Your Bike @ BikeParts.com

Winter is coming in most parts of the country. But even though it is winter does not mean that you have to give up riding your bike. While the off season may be underway, this is the perfect time of year for commuters and athletes to start bike maintenance preparation for the winter months.  

Winter riding poses many threats so having a bike in good working order keeps you safe, warmer, and provides the opportunity for a more enjoyable ride. Besides, a good ride always does the body and mind good!  The trick to making winter riding work for you is to winterize your bike. When prepping your bike for for the winter, there are several things you want to do to keep it in good working order for the winter months.

  1.  Invest in fenders!  You’ll love them because the fight off salt, sand, and ­oil-laden road spray.  By installing full fenders, you will keep crud off clothing and grit from getting into—and wearing out—most components.  And you! 
  2.  Keep the rubber side down!  Slick surfaces and crashes are fun – said no one- ever!  Do yourself a favor and invest in new tires. New tires will be easier to control on icy roads and slushy trails. We have a huge selection of mountain bike and road bike tires online at BikeParts.com and also in our Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop. Stop by to hand select the best tires for you. 
  3. Wipe your bike down.   Combat corrosion and griminess due to salt and dirt by wiping down your frame after each ride.  This is especially important for wet bikes.  Rain, snow, ice, and road elements pose different cleaning challenges to your frame and bicycle parts.  Consider using a stiff, soft-bristled brush to knock off any chunks of dried-on mud that may be on your frame or wheels. Then, follow that up by taking a rag to your bike, wiping it down generally all over to get off any remaining dust or dirt. You’ll want to make a point to clean your bike chain weekly. 
  4. Safety First!  Be seen and be safe. Winter riding involves riding in grey days!  Of course, visibility is critical.  Outfit your bike with a good light system.  You will want lights for the front of your bike.  Consider having multiple lights for the front of your bike.  One on your helmet so you can shine side roads and traffic and have a second light on your handlebars so you can see at least 10 ft. or more in front of you.  For the rear of your bike, opt for a rear red light- particularly one that blinks. A blinking red light is much more likely to get the attention of a passing motorist who might otherwise not notice you. You may also consider purchasing cycling apparel that is visible.  There are options to choose from including vests and ankle bands.  Also, reflective tape is a good idea. 3M makes black reflective tape that is great to put on black wheels. You do not notice it during the day and it shows up white at night. 
  5. Avoid a wardrobe malfunction!  As the temperature drops, it’s hard to know what to wear when it’s 50 degrees and sunny outside versus 30 – 35 degrees and cloudy.  Riding in transitional weather can be a challenge!  But, with clothing that is versatile, lightweight, and easy to pack down, you can find a cycling wardrobe that works for you.  Check out our post, Avoid a Clothing Crisis! New Threads to Keep you Warm for Fall and Winter Cycling for great winter riding clothing options.

Have no fear of losing cycling motivation in the winter months!  The first step towards successfully riding through the winter months is winter proofing your bike.  When you are confident in your bike and clothing options, there are less excuses to tell yourself for not riding and more reasons to get on the bike and enjoy the ride.

Why Visit Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop NOW? (hint BIG sale)

October 15, 2015

Ask any cyclist, “When is the good time to by a new bicycle?”  The answer, anytime!  Most cyclist have a favorite bike for riding trails; another bike for commuting; a road bike for riding the road…and so it continues.  The same adage applies to cycling accessories, bike parts, and cycling apparel.  You can never really have enough of a good thing, right?

At Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop, we know our customers love their cycling gear and bikes, so we like to make it easy on you!  Currently we’re having a sale of  2014 – 2015 POC apparel, demo bikes, and a variety of road and mountain bikes.  Here’s a sneak peak to the sale we’ve got going and why you need to visit our shop now!


Giant makes affordable carbon mountain bike wheels that have wider rim and are ideal for high stress environments. Giant focuses on ratio of stiffness to weight of carbon fiber wheel which makes for better performance.
Giant makes affordable carbon mountain bike wheels
Giant Anthem Advanced SX 27.5 2015. Why you’ll love this bike?  It’s a playful cross country bike with 5” of travel on front and a dropper post. On sale now in our Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop!
Giant Anthem Advanced SX 27.5 2015
Giant Lust Advanced 0 27.5 2015 is equivalent to Anthem Advanced. It’s a plush race bike and a favorite for women. On sale too!
Giant Lust Advanced 0 27.5 2015
Giant Defy 1 2016 built for speed and control. Flattened seat stays reduce vibrations and D-Fuse seat post smooth out road vibrations. Also has disc brakes and a long head tube, making it good for enduro races.
Giant Defy 1 2016
S-Works Epic 29 – Very fast race bike. Ridden by top riders in the world.
S-Works Epic 29
Specialized Crave 29 Single speed – Light bike w/ carbon fork. Great commuter or great to have fun with on the trails. On sale now!
Specialized Crave 29 Single speed -
What’s not to like? Stop by the shop today and be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep up with news on bikes, bike parts, and new product releases.

Avoid a Clothing Crisis! New Threads to Keep you Warm for Fall and Winter Cycling

October 8, 2015

Specialized Defroster Cycling Shoe at Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop

You know you’re experiencing a clothing crisis when your focus shifts from the trail, the traffic or your route sheet to your increasingly cold and numb hands and feet.  Fall and winter cycling poses some challenges yet it can be equally as fun as summer riding given you have the right cycling apparel, you know how to dress for winter riding, and you have the right bike parts in your winter toolkit.  The trick is having a plan for staying warm on the bike and avoiding a cycling wardrobe emergency this fall and winter.

So, what’s in your cycling wardrobe? It’s a given that you’ll want to have clothing that is versatile, lightweight, and easy to pack down.  As we’re just now transitioning to cooler temperatures, now is the time to take inventory of the cycling apparel you currently have and purchase additional items that are missing from your cycling wardrobe.  With this in mind, you might want to consider what type of cycling you plan to do this fall and winter. That will help you to avoid making unnecessary purchases. Depending on the type of ride, the duration of your ride, and the elements, your clothing options make the difference between a suffer fest or a great ride.  

Ask yourself, what clothing do you need to wear in different weather conditions?  Do you have waterproof and wind resistant clothing? Do you have enough of the basic cycling necessities, as in leggings? Arm warmers? Knee warmers? Scull cap? What about your base layers?  Do you have enough of them or do you need to add in some fleece lined clothing?  Lucky for you, at Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop, we can help you with all of your cycling apparel needs! In fact, we’ve got quite a lot of new cycling clothing in store right now! Here are the favorites you might want to check out.

  • Great for keeping the digits warm, the Endura gloves are our most popular wind chill gloves. 
  • As for the keeping your toes warm, we have two favorite options.  The Giant Sojourn cycling shoes have a stiff and grippy bottom which are good for walking.  A great option for bike commuters.  The other favorite is the Defroster cycling shoe.  It’s a great option for fall and winter riding and especially on the cold days because these shoes doesn’t require shoe covers.  
  • We have a variety of knickers, knee warmers, and pants.  These are essential items to have on hand because as the temperatures drop, it’s a good idea to cover your knees. Many cyclist prefer tights whereas others prefer leg warmers.  There are also knickers which allow more airflow over the legs, and they are good for those in-between days. Consider trying out each option and experiment to dial in your preference.
  • If you are looking for great fall gear that is super durable, then stop by the shop and check out all of the Endura cycling apparel we have in stock. You might want to check out the POC apparel too – it’s on sale! 

Last but not least, Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop has the ability to special order items. Come and ask if you want something!   Avoid a clothing crisis!  Get on the bike this fall and ride! 


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